Hepatologist & Liver Specialist in NYC

Daniel L. Motola, MD, PhD is a board certified Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist in NYC and is highly qualified to diagnose and treat patients with liver disease.

The most common disease affecting the liver today include viral hepatitis (hepatitis A, B, and C), fatty liver disease related to the rising epidemic of obesity and diabetes, as well as alcoholic liver disease. Other less common causes include genetic diseases affecting accumulation of iron and copper in the liver as well as autoimmune hepatitis and disease of the bile ducts. Many patients are surprised to know that the liver has no nerve endings other than those supplying the thin capsule of tissue surrounding the liver. Thus, chronic diseases affecting the liver generally do not cause symptoms unless signs are found incidentally on routine blood work or the disease is in a late stage. Diagnosis requires careful and timely evaluation along with administration of the appropriate treatments.

Symptoms of liver disease can bee seen in late stages of the liver disease, in setting of acute liver injury, acute liver failure or advanced cirrhosis and include:

If you have been found with abnormal liver enzymes or symptoms suggestive of liver disease Dr. Motola is available to help provide a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dr. Motola also has advanced training in Transplant Hepatology (Board Certified) and is well trained in the management of liver cirrhosis.

NEWS: Fibroscan, a non-invasive tool for measuring liver fibrosis, is now available in-office! Fibroscan is a useful tool for staging liver disease.

Conditions Treated

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