Anal Fissures Treatment and Diagnosis

Anal Fissures are a common and often benign disorder of the anus. These painful tears form primarily as a result of local trauma due to straining, hard stools, constipation, or anal intercourse. Bleeding and pain are the most common symptoms.

Anal fissures can become chronic if not appropriately treated. The internal anal sphincter lays just below the surface and when injured can cause spasms and reduce blood flow. This can lead to a cycle of muscle spasm and further tearing.

The location of a fissure may be helpful in indicating the etiology. Atypical locations may indicate Crohn’s disease or an STD. Many patients can confuse symptoms with those of hemorrhoids.

Disclaimer: This information is intended to educate but not provide treatment or diagnostic information. Self-diagnosis should not be made base on this or any other online information. Please consult with a doctor about your specific condition. Dr. Motola is available for office consultations. A thorough history and physical exam is needed to make accurate diagnosis before treatment provided.

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